Drone Wars: GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic initial thoughts…

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Join the discussion by leaving a comment. Do you agree? Disagree? Have another drone to suggest? Drones are everywhere, and it is easy to see why.  At almost all budget levels the availability of aerial photography has revolutionized the way we can shoot and convey visuals to an audience.  For those of us involved in small to mid-sized video production, there … Read More

Podcast 02: Backstory

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In this episode Liam and Ken discuss the concept behind the Production Dojo as well as our plans for it’s direction. Along the way we talk about clients, NDA’s, personal projects and more. Of particular interest to the 3-D printer community is the story of how we came to own our Printrbot‘s and our experiences with them as well as the … Read More

Podcast 01: Filling You In

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In episode one Ken and Liam briefly introduce the site and then dive right into discussion of the work Liam is doing on alternative infill strategies for 3D printing among other topics. This episode is a companion to the blog post that introduced this work. You can watch it on YouTube below, or use the pure audio player.

Feature Request: Continuous channels within 3D print infills

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Sometimes when creating a 3D print we need to make it more durable as it will be a critical component or piece that needs to do work instead of just be admired. The traditional way to achieve this has been to modify the infill settings. For our Printrbots we typically default to 15%-20% infill and increase the percentage as durability … Read More

Moving on from Makerbot

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It’s true – it is time to move on from our love / hate relationship with our Makerbots. As we gear up for our new projects here at the dojo we have to be confident we can keep up with our production needs and the demands that regular content production will bring. This has brought to a head a problem we have … Read More

Who, what and what’s coming…

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It has been a while since our last post and folks have reached out to us asking when we plan on finishing that series as well as what we plan to do next. The only answer we were able to give was a short grunt and a quick “busy now! but it’s cool stuff!”. Now that we have a chance … Read More